Welcome to ALLAGI, a Czech Psychological Website


ALLAGI is the practice of psychologist Eva Poláchová and is operating at Brno, Bayerova 24.
(The office is located on the first floor). ALLAGI is a Greek word and means the CHANGE.

ALLAGI provides both short term, solution focussed counselling and medium to longer term insight oriented counselling, depending on the needs of the client. ALLAGI provides psychological counselling to individuals – adolescents, adults and motor vehicle drivers.

ALLAGI practice is sensitive to the individual needs of clients from diverse backgrounds including culture and religion, gender, age and driving ability. The practice is founded on a high level of attention to Czech professional ethical guidelines.

ALLAGI uses mainly CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) approach. CBT can help you to change how you think ("Cognitive") and what you do ("Behavior)". These changes can help you to assert your own needs, develop more fulfilling relationships, find paths to self-discovery and feel better and happier within yourself.

ALLAGI also uses other effective techniques namely EMDR, HYPNOSIS, BIOFEEDBACK and NEUROFEEDBACK.

ALLAGI specialises in issues arising from depression, anxiety, panic, social phobia, agoraphobia and other phobias, alienation (in Czech Republic, a foreign country for you), bulimia, obsessive compulsive disorder, grief and loss, relationship difficulties, adjustment to change, and also specialises in rehabilitation (counselling for motor vehicle accidents and drivers), post-traumatic stress disorder and stress resulting from work issues or an injury, illness or accident.

Each session typically lasts 50 or 80 minutes. Sometimes just a single session is sufficient for a client’s needs, but more usually client and psychologist continue to meet for several weeks or even months. Client and psychologist plan together how often and for how long to meet.

Do not hesitate to contact us,

for all enquiries and appointments please call Mrs. Eva Poláchová at + 420 606 687 453 or send an e-mail to info@allagi.cz